Georgia kills anti-LGBT bill as tech giants protest Indiana law

Georgia’s “religious liberty” bill has been tabled as tech titans are clamoring to protest Indiana’s recently passed bill that allows businesses to discriminate against gay and lesbian customers in the name of religious freedom. Indiana is the first state this year to enact this kind of legislation, though there are other’s that are considering similar bills. Georgia was one of those states, ... Read More »

IBM acquires ‘certain assets’ from web crawling startup Blekko

Updated at 1:40 p.m. Pacific to clarify that this was an asset acquisition, not an acquisition of the startup itself. Tech giant IBM today announced that it has acquired technology from startup Blekko. The startup developed a web search engine — putting it up against others, including DuckDuckGo, Microsoft’s Bing, and Google — as well as a social news tool. ... Read More »

This guy invented a machine just for picking up ketchup blobs

Jeffrey Nelson is an engineer who, like everyone else on this predominantly blue planet, sometimes simply gets bored. Unlike most of us, however, Nelson takes the opportunity to build something. That something just so happens to be rather stupid (his words, not mine). Introducing the Gooper Scooper: Nelson describes his invention as a device “that can pick ketchup and other ... Read More »

Calling all CMOs, calling all CMOs (come to Boston)

VB EVENT: You’re a senior marketing executive. You go to conferences and get mobbed by vendors. Or, you get accosted by people who want to “connect,” meet for “coffee,” or ask for a job. There has to be a better conference experience for senior executives! This is exactly why VentureBeat created our Summit series of conferences. While our Beats are focused ... Read More »

Slack discloses its user database was hacked, but only after turning on two-factor authentication

Fast-growing team-messaging software company Slack today disclosed that a database containing user information got hacked for a brief period last month. This is the first time Slack has come forward about a hack it has endured. It’s notable because the company is taking on so many users so quickly. Last year Slack dealt with a perceived security flaw: that it ... Read More »

Product Hunt CEO: Livestreaming apps aren’t just a fad

Snapchat and YouTube have paved the way for our latest craze: self-broadcasting. Thousands of people have flocked to a mobile app called Periscope to broadcast their lives and watch others as they record themselves live in front of a captive audience. While it shouldn’t be shocking that people would be drawn to an app that offers the potential for instant ... Read More »