It is a known and proved fact that Video games increase one’s problem solving ability, that’s one hell of a justification for your old lady when she annoys you. But what about the Video Games that give you heart attack? We are talking about some creepy easter eggs here. Easter eggs happen when you least expect them and having some creepy thing jumping out when you are least expecting has a horror of it’s own.


Runner 2 is an colorful game marked suitable for all ages. There’s nothing more to it but jumping platforms and dodging enemies like the annoying turtles in Super Mario. Despite being a 2d Scrolling Screen game this manages to make place in the list because of the list. The player’s mind is all diverted towards dodging the stupid character and jumping from log to log that he doesn’t care about the boring background. Only once in a million when you pause the game at a certain spot, you notice that





This game is nothing like those games where parental guidance is necessary. No, your kids will not shoot prostitutes with a rocket launcher after playing this game. But wait, what’s that? A nightmare! It’s the slenderman, the creepy freak who likes to stalk and rape little girls with the tentacles extending from we-dont-know and care which part of his body. and there’s more, like this octopus that seriously looks like a male genital.


Mommy, I look like a dickhead

Black & White– The Name Whisperer

Black & White is a God-simulator game in which you play as a god who can either answer the prayers of his subjects or watch them starve to death. The game has a feature that whenever a villager dies it will whisper you ‘deaaaatth’ in a creepy voice. At first this freaks you out but then you get used to it. Grab a can of mountain dew and some chips as you watch the villagers die because a gigantic monster has just taken a dump on them but being the ALL POWERED GOD it was  not your duty to save them at all anyways. It’s a pretty fun to play game but at times it freaks you out. On occasions th  e easter egg comes into play, same creepy voice may speak your name.

This gets even creepier when you realize that you never entered your name anywhere in the game so how did it find it out? Imagine sitting in your room listening to songs and suddenly the game whispering your name. This is exactly the type of Easter Egg Black  & White includes. It looks for your username on the computer or spies on you through your email accounts and then looks from a list of mp3s(the one it includes) for the name. If one matches then it randomly plays the mp3 to scare the crap out of players. Wait, does it spy on my email accounts? Very true, the game names villagers after your email contact. Let’s ..let’s just hope we don’t see a villager named ‘GROW YOUR PENIS 5 INCH’ in the game. Skyrin– Death Room



Is your joke still funny?
It’s a question that has confused many, where do people go when they die? Heaven or Hell? But if you’re a skyrim player you go to the ‘SECRET ROOM OF THE DEAD’. These pictures are of Skyrim’s DEATH ROOM where one can reach only by runinng into some bug or by hacking/modding the game. For what purpose it was created is unknown. In the death room you. In the death room you can see the graves of enemy you have slayed to that moment. Limbs and other body parts of the characters and much more creepy stuff. The corridors are shaped like a cross but they reach nowhere and it is an infinite loop, you go through one door and you end up the same place you started from, forever and ever.


Well, that was not necessary

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